Hell at his back, home just over the horizon. His hands are weak, his body empty, but his horse knows the way.

Reserved to a near fault by the perception of most, Evan has made ease and defence of his distanced demeanour. With little humour found to the thoughtless antics of all but very few, not much is known about this callous appearing outlaw. Build of his guard rests under the safety of a gruff tongue, sarcasm the only true form of a conversation he cares to entertain. His warm, golden dagger glare serves both as a warning and veil to the deep roots of strong morality and an undying determination to redeem himself from a life of unforgivable trials and tribulations.

Vital statistics

Name Evan Vesdar Donoghue (goes by Ethan Evelyn McCarter)

Nicknames Ev, Ves, E'vesdar

Gender Cis male (he/him)

Ethnicity Italian by descent (grew up in America)

Age 34, born in January (capricorn)

Sexuality Demisexual, gay

Status Involved with Daegel

Occupation Former outlaw turned rancher

Residence Birchwood ranch

Theme The wild west